Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day 5

Day 5...

     So today was not my best day.  I learned a few things... like always having a collared shirt on me in case I forget to wear one for my teaching day.  Haha.  Yup I forgot to wear a collared shirt.  Rookie mistake.  I knew in the back of my mind that I had to but for some reason my brain forgot to send a signal that morning when I was getting dressed.  Oh well, lesson learned.
     After that I was all flustered about making my 4 min teaching better than the last time and in the end it ended up being worse.  I made many mistakes.  I forgot to make a safety statement.  I also did something different as far as setting up the students.  I taught dribbling a basketball.  When I first did it I had everyone get a ball and get in a circle which I thought was original.  But this time I tried a more horizontal approach.  I had everyone get a partner and dribble back and forth which just didn't seem fun and it ended up not running smoothly.  Before I started teaching I thought of a neat way to explain using only your finger tips when dribbling too.  I thought I might explain it by saying, "pretend like you have a thumbtack sticking out of your palm.  So if the basketball touches your palm the thumbtack will pop the ball."  But I never stated that either.
     Day 5 wasn't my finest.  But professor Yang made me feel better about it when he said, if you were perfect at it then you wouldn't have to go to school for it.  That's why this is a learning experience.  And that's why we practice teaching so much in this class.  I'm learning a lot through experience.  For anyone who reads this no matter what, even if you forget your shirt...

Keep Smiling :)

Keep Moving  
~Emily Woudenberg

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