Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 1

255 Day 1:

     Day one of Profesor Yang's class was like splashing ice cold water on your face; shocking yet rereshing.  We started off meeting in the gym rather than the classroom and jumped right into teaching.  After all, the course is called "Effective Instruction."  So why not start off by showing what we've got so far!  How else are you going to build from it?
     So we split into two groups and we each took turns teaching our peers in the group one skill for 4 minutes.  As far as equipment we were offered to share a few volleyballs, soccer balls, footballs, and basketballs with the other group.  Luckily for me my "W" last name gave me time to think because I was one of the last one's to go in my group, so I was able to observe my classmates and pick up some ideas along the way.
     The teaching assistants for this class videotaped our teaching performance.  I'm very interested in viewing mine and learning what my mistakes were and how to become a better teacher.  Its a lot like when we videotape in softball.  Its hard to just listen to someone's critique of your performance and be able to make proper adjustments.  But when you can actually see what you're doing wrong it helps click, and it makes it more real I guess is what I'm trying to say.

Keep smiling :)

Keep moving,  

~Emily Woudenberg

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