Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 19

Today we played Shinti.  I thought this group did did a really good job of stressing the international side of the games.  We learned a few good things about the country of Scotland (which is where shinti originated) such as what the flag looks like, the national animal, instrument, and geography.  They incorporated this info in physical learning which was great!

As far as the actual skills of the sport, let's just say the pro shinti league won't be calling me up any time soon! Haha

Day 18

Today we played Omnikin ball.  This is one of my all time favorite games to play! It's so fun and different.  It's exciting for everyone, when they walk in the gym and see a giant, bright, pink ball.  It's like moths to a flame, everyone just wants to play with it!

I thought Dan did an amazing job again!  His cues for the serve were unforgettable, "clap, and SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day 17

Today's the day my group taught the class tchoukball.  Leslie started us off with the kindergarten age group and she went over the basics of throwing.  I thought she did really well.  She seems very comfortable dealing with lessons to do with younger students.  Then Max did his lesson.  His lesson was based on a 4th grade age group.  He focused more on passing.  One of the things that he did well was pinpointing students, of both genders to demonstrate. 

Then it was my turn.  My age group was 8th grade.  I focused on shooting.  I set up a bunch of hula hoops standing up along the wall to be pretend rebound frames.  And I also had the two rebound frames set up as well.  I tried to set it up so that the students had a chance for a lot of reps in a short period of time.  I thought that went well but I should have made it somewhat of a competitive drill instead of just a reps drill.  For 8th grade they probably got a little bored half way through the circle.  After that I gathered the group and went over the rules for shooting.  I tried to make it quick but I also wanted to make sure everyone knew what the rules were that way when Justin taught everyone would understand it and be able to play more.  For Lab B when I did my script I noticed that I said "OK" a lot! and I didn't realize how annoying that was until I actually listened to it.  So in this lesson I made a consious effort to not say "OK" as much. I worte my Lab C script and I did better but I still said it a lot! AGH! so annoying...  Here's my Time Coding sheet as well.  Still only one point :/

Then it was Justin's turn.  He always does such a really good job.  Everything he says flows so nicely.  He always remembers a safety statement, a hook, and every other little thing that I always seem to forget to do at least one of! Haha, I'm a little jealous of how good he's been doing.  Nonetheless props to Justin for sure!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day 16

Today was the first day of Lab C.  The first group did the game Hantis.  It was really cool.  I wish we could have had enough time to play full games.  I though Mike, Eric, and Kyle all did a really good job.  They set the bar for everyone else who's going.  My group goes Friday.  I'm a little nervous but I think we'll do just fine.  We're teaching tchoukball.  I'll talk more about it for my next blog.  Here's my Lessson Plan, and my 40 progressions for tchoukball shooting.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 15

Today was half in the gym and half in the classroom.  Cassie conducted a lesson today on rugby.  It was a good lesson for the amount of time that she had to deal with.  I didn't know that you could only pass backwards or laterally in rugby.  After she was done we discussed some things that she did well and overall she did a really good job.

After that we went down to the classroom to discuss due dates for Lab C and then we talked with our groups about things we want to do with our lesson.  We've got some great ideas and we're going to meet up tomorrow as a group to help sort some things out and bounce ideas off of each other.

Friday, February 17, 2012

OFFICIAL "Let's Move" Flash Workout Instructional Video

I was watching this last night and I want to do this in a flash mob in the middle of campus so bad! or at least just in our class on the last day maybe. It'd be a great way to end the semester with a bang! You can't help but move when you hear this song!

Day 14

Today we discussed more about lab C in class.  Our goup is teaching tchoukball.  So we discussed who's going to be teaching whch age group.  I am doing 8th grade.  Then our group went to go se Penny to write a sign out card for our equipment next friday.  Thank god our packets aren't due that day because I don't know if I'd be able to get it done in time!  We also had some homework due today.  Silly me I didn't add it to my blog.  I did it the old fashioned way by printing it out.  I should have known to just post it to my blog!

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Here's a video of my Lab B performance. I taught the Fling, but on this day it was known as "The Flaanng!" We put a little southern accent on it because it is a lot like line dancing. I wish I had enough time to incorporate the line dancing music to make it more authentic but unfortunately that will have to be for a day in the future!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day 13

     Today we spent our time in the classroom clarifying some things and discussing more about the lesson plant template.  We also talked about way that we can get our future students more cognitively involved during class such as the use of riddles and puzzles or even incorporating things that children have learned in their other classes like math and science.
    We were also assigned our topic for Lab C.  We were assigned tchoukball.  This game is so fun! We played it in high school.  It's a much different game.  Here's a link to give you a glimpse of what it's like...

Day 12

     Today was the last day of teaching for Lab B.  I thought everyone did really well.  One thing that threw some people off is that Professor Yang had some of us misbehave while others were teaching to test their ability to handle situations like that.  I was one of them and he asked Kim and I to tie each other up with the jump ropes.  Mike was teaching at that time and he was standing close to us and didn't even notice.  I'm not saying that I would do any better, thats just proof that as a teacher you constantly have to be aware of all of your students because they can very easily misbehave or sneak away even.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Day 11

This was a difficult skill so if you
 mess up just keep trying!
Today was my teaching day.  I taught the fling.  I thought it went well.  There were definitely a few things I could have done better.  Such as when I pinpointed Patrick out to demonstrate the skill I should have first asked him if he was okay with demonstrating and I should have also picked out a girl to demonstrate to make it equal.  I also could have done a better job with time management.  I wish I could have had another 4 or 5 minutes.  It would have made my lesson so much better if I had more time to do the activities I had planned at the end.

She also had great visual aids!

I really liked Kim's lesson too.  I thought she did a great job for having such a challenging task.  She really made a point to say that it was okay if we couldn't get the jump rope into the equation.  What she wanted us to know at the end of the lesson was the footwork.  She seemed very comfortable talking and if I was her student it would make me feel comfortable to be in her class.  Kudos to her for a great lesson!

The final people go on Monday and I hope that they take a little bit from everyone else's lesson and make theirs the best! Good luck Monday teachers!
Keep Smiling :)
Keep Moving 
~Emily Woudenberg

Day 10

     Today was the first day of teaching for Lab B.  We are focusing on jump roping skills.  I love the fact that we're doing jump roping because it's something different.  And it gives me a chance to work on my skills too.
Devon starting us off with a great lesson

     Today went great for the first day.  Devon started us off great.  I thought his lesson was awesome and he also made a couple of simple mistakes that we all learned from.  So a big thanks to him for being a team player and starting us off. 

     I think the best lesson of the day was definitely Justin's.  He was so organized and his lesson flowed so nicely.  He did some subtle things that were really great such as facing us away from his poster when asking us questions at the end.  Another thing I liked that he did was in his rules he mentioned respect and elaborated by saying "respect each other as well as me and also respect the equipment."  I loved that he said respect the equipment.  I'm definitely going to remember that for when I go.
     Friday is my day to teach so lets hope it goes well for me.

Keep Smiling :)
Keep Moving  
~Emily Woudenberg

Monday, February 6, 2012

Day 9

We took today as another prep day for lab B.  Tied some loose ends and next class hopefully we'll all be ready.  We talked about our visual aids.  We must make 2 posters, one with the class rules and one with the cues of our task.  Visual aids are great  because  it helps the students to remember what to do without having to ask the teacher or their peers 100x.  They can physically see it.

Also we talked about the lesson plan and made sure any questions we had about it were answered.  Overall today was a pretty easy day

It's a beautiful day outside today! Go enjoy the sunshine!

Keep Smiling :)
Keep Moving 
~Emily Woudenberg

Friday, February 3, 2012

Day 8

Day 8:

     Today we practiced our tasks.  I thought mine was going to be easy but when I tried to do it myself I kept messing up!  I was getting so frustrated.  Thanks to a few helpers (Leslie, Stephanie & Danielle) I got it down.  I also thought of a good hook for it.  I'm going to use the kids song row row row your boat.  Because the action is kind of like a rowing action.  We'll see how it goes.
     Then we played a little game called shotgun.  Which was like a team teaching exercise.  My partner and I did the "attention getter."  So I used this opportunity to show off my newly learned skill of finger whistling.  Aaaannndd when it came down to it I went to whistle and got nothing but air.  Haha. Everyone had a good laugh I tried again and got it that time. Gotta love it.

Keep Smiling :)
Keep Moving  
~Emily Woudenberg

Day 6

Day 6:

Today we worked with jump ropes.  Another simple activity that turned into more than just jumping up and down.  We worked on different ways to move and jump with the rope.  We also were challenged to make a little routine with a group.  Ours was pretty fun.  It took us so many practice tries.  But when it came down to it we got it down on the first try when we were in front of the camera.  I felt so proud of our group.  Jump roping is such a great way to work up a sweat.  It's easy to make it fun and not boring.

Keep Smiling :)
Keep Moving 
~Emily Woudenberg

Day 7

Day 7:

Today we did more jump roping.  We had to develop another routine with a different group this time.  Luckily for me I had DJ in my group.  DJ is very talented and strong and can pretty much do any gymnast type maneuvers you ask him to do!  I also had Devon in my group who mastered swinging the long rope with me.  I don't want to spoil our awesome routine just yet. I'll wait to post it when the video is available.  You will be amazed.... up until the part where I mess up on the easy part.  Lol.

Then we went down in the classroom and talked about our tasks that we will be teaching for lab B.  I have Task 4 which is an easy one.  Side swing right, left, and jump.  Not too bad.

Keep Smiling :)
Keep Moving  
~Emily Woudenberg