Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day 3

Day 3:

     Today started off very similar to day 2.  We started off with the Frisbees again.  It's an easy instant activity.  Then we gathered and talked about the Chinese New Year.  I think throwing in cool facts about other things besides the same old P.E. stuff is important.  I think it helps us to develop into well rounded people.  As an educator why should we narrow our focus to just our particular expertise? Why not expand and incorporate other themes into our lessons.  With the example of the Chinese New Year professor Yang named one of his games "firecracker."  Because the Chinese use fireworks to ward off evil spirits.
     I'm learning a lot about the little things that make an okay lesson into an amazing lesson.  As in everything else in life it's the little things which separate good from great.  QUICK SOFTBALL TANGENT!  The motto for the Cortland softball team this year is a quote from a Gatorade add:  "Good is the enemy of great."  If you are okay with being good you will never be great.  In other words good should never be good enough!
     Professor Yang really pays attention to the little things.  You can tell he does a lot of planning before hand.  There are many things that he does that I need to remember to do.  For example he makes safety statements that are very clear so that everyone knows what he's talking about.  Another thing is like what I said before incorporating other information like world events and some fun facts into the lesson. 
     I feel my biggest downfall as a teacher candidate right now is my lack of practice in a class setting.  I have had plenty of practice speaking to groups and explaining things.  I've had practice as a captain for softball in high school and in college.  Also as an instructor for some softball camps.  But it's just a matter of perfecting the minor details that make the lesson run smoothly.  Such as the placement and spacing of students in a drill or activity, the timing of each activity, and perfecting my vocabulary to make sure everyone understands what I'm trying to say the first time.  Those are things I'd like to master by the end of this course.

Keep Smiling :)
Keep Moving    
"Good is the enemy of great!"
~Emily Woudenberg

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