Friday, February 3, 2012

Day 8

Day 8:

     Today we practiced our tasks.  I thought mine was going to be easy but when I tried to do it myself I kept messing up!  I was getting so frustrated.  Thanks to a few helpers (Leslie, Stephanie & Danielle) I got it down.  I also thought of a good hook for it.  I'm going to use the kids song row row row your boat.  Because the action is kind of like a rowing action.  We'll see how it goes.
     Then we played a little game called shotgun.  Which was like a team teaching exercise.  My partner and I did the "attention getter."  So I used this opportunity to show off my newly learned skill of finger whistling.  Aaaannndd when it came down to it I went to whistle and got nothing but air.  Haha. Everyone had a good laugh I tried again and got it that time. Gotta love it.

Keep Smiling :)
Keep Moving  
~Emily Woudenberg

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