Friday, February 10, 2012

Day 10

     Today was the first day of teaching for Lab B.  We are focusing on jump roping skills.  I love the fact that we're doing jump roping because it's something different.  And it gives me a chance to work on my skills too.
Devon starting us off with a great lesson

     Today went great for the first day.  Devon started us off great.  I thought his lesson was awesome and he also made a couple of simple mistakes that we all learned from.  So a big thanks to him for being a team player and starting us off. 

     I think the best lesson of the day was definitely Justin's.  He was so organized and his lesson flowed so nicely.  He did some subtle things that were really great such as facing us away from his poster when asking us questions at the end.  Another thing I liked that he did was in his rules he mentioned respect and elaborated by saying "respect each other as well as me and also respect the equipment."  I loved that he said respect the equipment.  I'm definitely going to remember that for when I go.
     Friday is my day to teach so lets hope it goes well for me.

Keep Smiling :)
Keep Moving  
~Emily Woudenberg

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