Monday, April 16, 2012

Day 31

     Today we went in the pool.  Not my favorite.  I'll be honest I really hope I don't get a job at a school that has a pool because I'm a terrible swimmer. 
     Anyway, Mike and Devon taught today and I thought  they did a pretty good job.  For Devon's lab he taught a water aerobics class.  I thought his hook was hilarious.  He told us how he went to a water aerobics class with his grandma! I thought that was a funny image to think about.  But he kind of killed two birds with one stone because he also provided us with an imaginary place to go outside of class for more water aerobics opportunities. 
     Then Mike went.  He did his class on ultimate pool frisbee.  It was really interesting because he gave us noodles to use as arm extestions basically.  We used them for defense by trying to whack the frisbee in the air and prevent a pass from our opponents.  The only thing I would have liked more about that was if he gave us a larger area to work with.  Because there were moments where we just got clustered up and were flinging our noodles around.  That could have been a safety issue but all in all it wasn't really a big deal.

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